Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quick Job Market Tips & Upcoming Guest Posts

Quick Job Market Tips
(I'm indebted to Jen Feather and Risa Applegarth for the more cogent tips below i.e. 5 & 6)

1. Just use (trust me! I'm not in any way officially connected or being compensated)

2. Create some type of spreadsheet to keep all your jobs, deadlines, means of applying, required documents, etc. straight or you'll lose track of them in your head

3. Get multiple sets of eyes on all your documents

4. Apply for jobs that are truly a good fit for you

5. Don't undersell yourself

6. Use active language, always follow abstract ideas with concrete examples, be sure to articulate a clear payoff for all claims, whether they be about your research, teaching, service, whatever

Upcoming Guest Posts

I'm happy to announce an upcoming influx of guest posts by amazing people. Please stay tuned in the next couple weeks for these awesome posts:

At least one post on the monumental shift from graduate student to faculty member.

A minimum three-part series on conceptualizing the dissertation from the perspective of someone who's finished, and who will offer unique before, during, and after perspectives.

The fall semester is getting to the deadly point. I hope everyone's dug in out there and holding on tight for the ensuing final weeks!

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