Monday, October 31, 2011

2 Amazing Series!

Constructing the Academy is very pleased to announce two exciting series of guest posts that will each appear weekly(ish) over the course of the next month or two!

At the beginning of each week (beginning tomorrow!) you'll find a post from Will Duffy, assistant professor of English at Francis Marion University. Duffy's posts examine helpful strategies for conceptualizing the ph.d. dissertation before, during, and after writing it.

At the end of each week (beginning this Friday!) you'll find a post from Kristen Pond, assistant professor of English at Baylor University. Pond's posts tackle the seemingly impossible transition from seeing yourself as a graduate student to seeing yourself as a faculty member.

Each of this week's posts by Will and Kristen is meant as an introduction to their respective series. Having known both of these intelligent and generous people for better than four years, what I am most excited about upon reading these introductory posts is the unique and invigorating change of pace they will bring to the posts here.

I hope these series will encourage healthy conversation among those of us out there in academic professionalization world, and I want to encourage all readers and followers to make use of the comments streams to ask questions, make connections, and offer suggestions for future posts/series. If that's not your style, I hope you'll take the insights shared and questions raised back to your own cohort of friends and colleagues and talk about why we do what we do!

A special thanks to Will and Kristen as we look forward to an exciting end to 2011!

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