Monday, September 5, 2011

Strategies: Files and Folders

This idea might seem overly obvious, but one of the best things I did during my grad school coursework was to create an entire folder under "My Documents" for "Coursework."

In the "Coursework" folder, you'll find another series of folders organized by semester (i.e. Fall 2007, Spring 2008, etc.)

In each of these semester folders you'll find a folder dedicated to each of the classes I took during that semester (i.e. ENG730-Studies in American Lit)

Within those individual course folders, I saved all of the work I did on any kind of project for that class. I saved EVERYTHING, no matter what! Response papers, group projects, book reviews, seminar papers, in-class presentations, everything!

When it came time for comprehensive exams, I had a lot of notes saved up on many of the texts that ended up on my exam lists, and so I was able to start revisiting these texts without starting from scratch.

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