Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Following Through

Enlightened and challenged by Tanya's post on semester planning I set a series of major goals for myself for this past spring semester. Back in May, I finally sat down to look back at my semester goals and how they broke down over months, weeks, and days. I had four major goals. Here are my results:

1. write and present lecture for the residential college.
I completed this goal, and presented the lecture on March 21

2. complete dissertation prospectus and get it approved.
My committee officially signed my documents on April 20

3. revising/writing journal article and submit by April 7.
I completed the article and got it submitted by May 10

4. write and present research on DeLillo's short fiction at ALA conference.
I presented my research on 5/28 and it went very well

I was able to accomplish all of my goals, although one took me an entire month longer than what I had planned for. I feel super satisfied that I finished these four important tasks. I've done the same thing for the summer. My conference paper becomes my new article goal, and the prospectus is replaced by specific chapter goals on the dissertation.

Tanya's advice proved extremely helpful, especially when enacted alongside Thomas's theory of the happy writer and Jonathan's many explanations of writing in the a.m. and reading in the p.m., one example of which is here.

The more I put these ideas into practice and make feeble attempts at articulating my own versions of the same basic principles, the more efficient and effective my working process gets.

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