Monday, September 12, 2011

Being a Happy Writer

This post is basically a short narrative index to a handful of blog posts that have been and continue to be formative to my writing process. Please check out the links to both blogs, and the link to Thomas's post about happy writers!

I'm indebted to Jonathan Mayhew and Thomas Basbøll for helping to revolutionize my writing, both in terms of process and product, over the last year or so. I especially appreciate Thomas's post about happy writers, which has helped me explain my own process to other writers.

Being a happy writer is a difficult thing to do because academic writing is always intellectually rigorous, and can thus often be painstaking and time consuming. But if there's one way to be as happy as possible it's by making a schedule, sticking to it, and planning what you'll do as specifically as possible.

As I recently prepped for teaching Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography, I marveled at the extent to which Franklin's work plans point towards the strategies I've picked up from Jonathan and Thomas. Franklin must have been a happy writer.

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